Aztec burial rituals and procedures indicate a belief in the afterlife which compares to Catholic ideas of Heaven and Hell. 

I have grouped my objects into categories, based on the stages of the burial process. These categories can be seen under the collection tab and should be viewed from the bottom up. I cannot change the order, but the steps are in reverse chronological order. Start with "Step 1: Death Itself". 
In the description of these "collections", I have written the comparison between the Aztec proccess and Colonial Catholic beliefs.

The reason I am looking at the similarities between the two belief systems is because faith was a large part of the conflict between Spaniards and Natives. The battle over who should control the land and structure society was a long, ongoing debate in which the Catholic Church eventually won. Some natives believed the Spaniards to be “ancestors” and welcomed them with gifts and open arms. Other natives weren’t as convinced, and thus the battle continued.

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Aztec Death Bundle

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When they were buried, the family members put their personal belongings and maybe even a lock of hair with them, so that the soul would know where to…

Aztec Remains

fetal position .jpeg

Those who were not cremated, were wrapped and buried in the fetal position to mirror the position of birth and symbolize the return to nature. They…

Preparing a Corpse for Burial


Higher status members of the Aztec society were wrapped, clothed, and cremated. Their ashes were placed in urns, most often depicting one of the many…