Step 3: Spiritual Aid

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Step 3: Spiritual Aid


According to custom, there was to be a symbol of Christianity places with the dead, such as a Cross, or rosary, to protect the body and the soul from the corruption of evil. There were also a few practices that were to help souls on their journey. One of the most relevant practices would be the ceremonial last rites or final communion. During a believer’s final moments, a priest may come and administer a final prayer, in hopes of aiding the soul’s journey to Heaven. There is also a similar nature in baptism, a ceremony in which one is doused in water, usually a short time after birth, to wash away their sins, and commit them to God.

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Greenstone ‘heart’
Jade was a precious stone in both Aztec and Mayan cultures; it was said to contain one's spirit. A jade pendant was worn during life, and when the owner died, it was placed in their mouth, under their tongue, upon burial to act as a form of currency…

Mosaic mask of Tezcatlipoca
A mask was placed upon an ill person in order to direct divine power for their healing, and was not to be removed until they healed or died. A mask could also be placed upon the dead to not only conceal their true identity on the perilous journey to…
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